Quality policy

Quality policy

KIMA Process Control sees itself as an innovative and reliable solution provider for global customers from the process industry. Values, ​​such as reliability, fairness and responsibility, are an integral part of our company policy. The focus is on the success of our customers and our employees.

In order to live up to this claim, to maintain and strengthen the reputation and success, the management defines the quality policy, which has been made known throughout the organization:

  • The top company goal is the profitability of the company based on satisfied customers and employees.
  • Our customers are setting the standard for quality. Only if we know, analyze and understand their requirements, we can meet their expectations and, if possible, exceed them.
  • Dealing with our customers is friendly and engaging.
  • Dates and commitments are maintained.
  • Inquiries, offers and complaints are processed quickly and thoroughly.
  • We use every complaint as an opportunity for continuous improvement.
  • Every employee is responsible for the achievement of the quality objectives at his workplace; i.e. we carry out every work step correctly right from the start.
  • Error avoidance has priority over error detection and elimination.
  • Constant improvement is an overall performance of all employees.
  • The way we interact with each other is determined by mutual support and loyalty.
  • We evaluate the opportunities and risks of our defined interested parties for mutual understanding and to ensure stable processes.
  • We evaluate all information from our customers about conditions of use, location and requirements for our employees and act accordingly.
  • Even before the order is carried out, the level of knowledge and suitability of the employee is carefully checked.
  • We offer our employees targeted qualification goals and educational opportunities.
  • Environmental aspects are observed both in our company and at the place where our employees work.
  • The protection of the health and safety of employees, clients and the public has top priority.

The inclusion of all employees is characteristic of the implementation of the quality policy. Only in this way,  it is possible to maintain and develop quality features, such as customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend, etc..

In order to underline the importance of the subject, all decisions are the direct responsibility of the General Management. This is supported by the Qualitymanagement-Officer and those responsible for the process (internal / external).