Innovative Measurement Solutions and Advanced Process Control

Practically all kinds of process control can be optimised using this most ultra-modern software package.
Wherever KIMA Process Control starts a project we seek to use the existing process variables and available instrumentation and control loops and adapt the “Autopilot” software SMARTCONTROL™ on top.
SMARTCONTROL is a powerful and flexible high-end control system. It is multi-variable and easy to program control software.
And wherever we find the not most-reliable measurement devices or principles we think about new ways of developing such sensors. KIMA Process Control was the ice-breaker on more than one occasion and changed the status from “not-measureable” to “a new sensor technology available”. Important industrial organisations and companies contact us to develop new sensor solutions and control philosophies for unique and special applications.


SMARTFILL for fill-level measurement in ball mills is of course our greatest success with over 750 installations globally.
But our V-SENS, a robust industrial sensor for measuring vibration velocity is used in the manufacturing processes of globally-leading machinery suppliers like CLAAS and MERCEDES BENZ.
What is brand new is our high-precision measuring tool TorqueSens. The identification of overloads, impacts and of course permanent high dynamic load, is employable in plenty of applications in practically all industrial segments.
Last but not least, the newly-developed acoustic pyrometer, GASTEMP will open up new optimisation potential in contactless and ‘free from surface radiation’ detecting temperature measurement.
More details on all these sensor technologies and products will very soon be published on this website.


Reliable and effective water based cooler for kiln shells.


Precise vibration velocity sensor to monitor operating states of industrial machines.


High-definition, fail-safe fill level and temperature measurement for ball mills.


Powerful and flexible high end control system to optimize your process.


High-definition, fail-safe fill level and temperature measurement for coal mills.


Determining gas temperatures quickly and very precisely.


Optimises grinding facilities within three weeks—fast, powerful and reliable. The new generation expert system.