Gastemp flow

Precise & reliable acoustic measurement
of flow and temperature


  • short response times

  • flexible areas of application

  • high accuracy

  • ensured new process stability

Gastemp: areas of application

Due to the fast reaction and the precise temperature measurement there are many measurement positions.

  • 1) Down comer flow + temperature
  • 2) Calciner exit temperature
  • 3) Tertiary air flow + temperature
  • 4) Flue gas stack flow + temperature
  • 5) Bypass/WHR flow + temperature
  • 6) Secondary air temperature
    as well as VRM/mill outlet flow + temperature
    and more on demand…

How GASTEMP FLOW improves
the carbon footprint

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metric tons of C02 saved per year / GASTEMP Flow - downcomer
Acoustic Gas Temperature
plus Flow Measurement

The system measures the gas temperature and speed of flow as an average along a path through a duct. The speed of sound is measured against -and in the direction of the gas flow. Using the cross section of the duct, the gas flow can be converted to the volume flow. As the gas temperature is measured also, the correct gas volume is calculated. (Enthalpy measurement)

Features at a glance
high precision

The measuring accuracy of < 3 °C is the basis for optimised process control.

short response times

Acoustic measurement allows short response times of < 1 sec.

large measuring range

The large measuring range of 0—900 °C (larger on request) permits the use in a wide variety of applications. One device—many application areas.

robust material

The use of modern, chemically inert ceramics ensures safe application in difficult atmosphere and prevents the sensor element from corrosion.

no interference by heat radiation

The special measurement method eliminates any interference by radiating heat. GASTEMP determines the actual gas temperature.

easy connection

Coming with an industrial standard 4—20 mA interface, the system can be connected to the PLC or other process interfaces easily.

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Acoustic measurement of gas temperatures

The efficiency of many pro­cess­es in chem­i­cal, ther­mal and pro­cess en­gi­neer­ing is de­ter­mined by gas tem­per­a­tures. In order to optimise these pro­cess­es by means of closed-loop con­trols, the gas tem­per­a­ture needs to be mea­sured prompt­ly and pre­cise­ly. The “classical” thermo cou­ple meth­od reaches ther­mal equi­lib­ri­um with the gas to be mea­sured with a long delay and is interferred by heat radiating surfaces.

In con­trast, the speed of sound in gases de­pends on the gas tem­per­a­ture only. The new­ly de­vel­oped ce­ram­ic sens­ing el­e­ment mea­sures the speed of sound in gas quick­ly and very pre­cise­ly, and thus di­rect­ly de­ter­mines the gas tem­per­a­ture with the same ac­cu­ra­cy and high speed (500—1 000 msec).

Application examples
  • secondary air
  • tertiary air
  • clinker cooler
  • exhaust
  • calciner
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