The development of the SMARTFILL Coal started around the year 2000 and was under continuous enhancement and adaptation to modern requirements over the last few years.

SMARTFILL was, and is, a serious revolution as a so-called “electronic ear” a high precision, interference free level measurement in ball mills. Over 750 installed systems in more than 50 countries worldwide underline the success of this product.


Precise control needs precise measurement. As classic “electrical ears” could not deliver the precision required, SMARTFILL was developed as an alternative, which cannot be affected by external sound sources or other mills in the vicinity.

In comparison to microphone based systems and vibration sensors on bearings, SMARTFILL does not conflict from other sound and signal sources. The structure-borne sound sensor only receives the signal directly on the mill body itself. SMARTFILL is operated in buildings with 16 mills, side-by-side without any interference between the measurement systems.

Measurement by dP (pressure difference) is not meaningfully comparable as it is both far too inaccurate as well as over-sensitive owing to the effects of dust.


High-definition, fail-safe fill level and temperature measurement for coal mills.


Powerful and flexible high end control system to optimize your process.


Determining gas temperatures quickly and very precisely.


Precise vibration velocity sensor to monitor operating states of industrial machines.


The high precision of the electronic ear SMARTFILL coal with 10 time more precise fill-level determination and 100% availability, that makes the difference. The fill-level inside the mill can be controlled and kept constant with SMARTFILL coal. The result is a more constant particle size of the coal dust which ends up in a more steady flame and stabile combustion with less carbon in ash content. The ignition of the flames becomes more stable which is a direct effect of a continuous coal mass flow. Finally the system avoids overfilling and burner/boiler trips so a significantly higher availability of the furnace is achieved.

Additionally it is typical that wear-out of balls and liners is reduced due to the fact that running a mill empty unintentionally is avoided. On the other hand, the high stability of SMARTFILL’s calibration also makes it an efficient protection against overfilling.