Artificial Intelligence
and Advanced Process Control

Combining the best technologies, our business for more than 20 years

Modules of Artificial Intelligence

Neural Nets, MPC

Classical Control Elements

PID, Logical Functions, Advanced Filters

Model Predictions

Soft Sensors, Adaptive Non-linear Models

Fuzzy Logics

Rule based programs, safety elements, emergency control

Rule Based Expert Acknowledge

storage of personal acknowledge from experienced operators

Below case study’s are two of hundred only, but they show our significant success. Using:

Autonomous mill operation

…by using modules of AI is not science fiction any more. Since 2009 the plant EQIOM Ciments Dunkerque, France, operates a VRM of Loesche mainly for slag cement with a MILLPILOT™ system every weekend fully autonomous when the plant is operated completely unmanned.

Production Increase & Cost Reduction

The MILLPILOT™ achieved at Lukavac Cement in Bosnia Herzegovina since 2017 excellent results: The plant need today 2 hours less to produce the same amount of cement as before. Approx. 10% production increase while the power consumption has been reduced by 9 11 %.”

AI and APC as leading technologie in BALL MILL CONTROL and FILL-LEVEL MEASUREMENT

MILLPILOT – Optimised Digital Filters with better smoothing and less time delay. Model Predictive Control and AI helps to estimate the future and gives the possibility to react in advance. Fuzzy Logic Control working with non-linear processes and the most robust controller.

SMARTCONTROL – APC plus AI – flexible high-end control system offering building blocks such as: logical functions, digital filters, predictors, closed loop controllers using fuzzy, Advanced Process Control and Artificial Intelligence modules.


Advanced Process Control and AI Modules.


Powerful and flexible high end control system to optimize your process.